Electrical Testing

A range of electrical testing services for your home or business

It’s the law.

In order for your business to achieve compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (EAWR), you are required to prove that your electrical system is safe, this involves proper testing and full inspection of your electrical system by competent people who will then create the appropriate maintenance records.
How do you know if your property requires electrical testing?
If one or more of the following applies to you and your business, then an electrical test is required.

  • If you have changed of ownership or tenancy
  • If you have changed of use
  • Change of electrical loading
  • If there has been damage to the electrical installation
  • Additional circuits added to or rewired circuits in the installation
  • If the distribution board has been replaced
  • A new electrical installation
  • Full or partial re-wire of your installation
  • The maximum period of time between the routine inspections or the periodic inspection has elapsed

What is the purpose of the test?
The initial part of each test is the initial verification process. It’s purpose is to determine that the electrical installation complies with the intentions of the designer and that it has been constructed to BS 7671, 17th edition wiring regulations.
The inspection should verify:
That all material as well as fixed equipment is of the correct type and complies with all applicable British Standards.
Each and every part of the fixed installation are correctly erected and selected
That any part of the fixed installation should be visibly damaged or defective in any way
Once the test is complete and provided that everything is correct an electrical installation certificate along with a schedule of test results and a schedule of inspections is issued to the person that ordered the inspection to be carried out.
Installation Electrical Test Certificate
Avon Electrical provide certification for a range of installs from additional circuits through to full installations & rewires. All work is checked for compliance with BS7671, 17th edition wiring regulations.
Periodic Inspection Report
By carrying out a thorough test and inspection Avon Electrical will verify that an installation is safe for continued service, and will provide either a satisfactory or unsatisfactory certificate as well as an observation report.
Minor Electrical Installation Work Certificate
For the replacement of items such as plug sockets and light fittings along with additions to existing circuits, Avon Electrical will inspect and test work, then issue certificate.
Routine checks
A routine check involves a visual inspection of the entire electrical installation. This will identify if any damage has occurred between periodic inspections. Remedial action can be taken, which will reduce the number of items identified during your next periodic inspection.