Use Up to 65% Less Energy When Switching to LED

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The benefits of switching to LED

Longer Lifespan

The average incandescent bulb lasts about a thousand hours. The lifespan of an average LED light is 50,000 hours.

Energy Efficiency

By replacing all the lighting in your business with LEDs, you could see as much as up to 65% improvement in your overall energy efficiency.

Better for the Environment

LED lighting can help companies become ECO friendly, as well as attract a socially conscious consumer base.


A low-voltage LED lighting system, generating 12 volts is much safer than a line voltage system that generates 230 volts.


LED lighting can substantially reduce the running costs of your premises and provide much better working conditions for your employees. LED lighting will transform a dull working environment into a bright day light ambience.

Save Energy & Money

Avon Electrical can design and install an energy efficient, LED lighting system specifically tailored to your commercial, industrial, retail or leisure premises.

Our company is fully qualified and NICEIC accredited with a wide range of skills and experience working within sectors and we can upgrade your current lighting, replace faulty lighting or retrospectively fit LED lamps or tubes.

25,000 hour lifespan compared with 2,000 incandescent

Durability & Longevity

LED light bulbs are built to last. Made from durable components and designed to turn their energy into light rather than heat, they can withstand a wider range of temperatures and environmental conditions than their predecessors, and they last far longer. This means they have a longer replacement cycle, so you can install them and not have to think about them again for years.