Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging camera to help with fault finding

At Avon Electrical we are always interested in enhancing and improving the services we provide to our clients as well as making our work faster and more efficient.

Thermal imaging cameraWe have recently invested in an FLIR E4 Thermal Imaging Camera as seen on the left. This new camera not only allows us to see amazing thermal detail in images but also instantly identifies and highlights problematic areas eliminating wasted time, time that we would usually spend going over various visual images for this detail, in other words this piece of kit should allow us to quickly and effectively find minor faults before they become major faults.

Thermal imaging cameraThe camera will show signs of arcing due to loose connections as well as potential overload problems on existing electrical circuits, this equipment will not only benefit our team but will also benefit our customers as it can highlight problems in walls and under floors meaning there is no initial digging or removing walls just to search for the problem, If there is a relatively hotter place than something close to it then we know something is going on, and an investigation needs to take place, this is when the thermal imaging camera comes into effect.

The camera should provide evidence to possibly root cause failure and identify things such as:

  • Loose/deteriorated connections
  • Overloads
  • Imbalanced Loads
  • Open Circuits
  • Inductive Heating
  • Defective Equipment
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Internal cable Degradation

Part of our service to one of our commercial clients allows us to see a great example of this camera at work, we check all electrical panels such as switchboards, breakers and controls every year, and since we have been using the thermal imaging camera, down time has been slashed in half by fixing problems before they get too serious.

We can use the camera to identify hot spots and then use a non-contact thermometer to get actual temperature readings for verification.

Why not call us and book an Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey?

An Avon Electrical thermal imaging survey is a no-destructive and non-evasive survey. We use our thermal infrared camera, to detect any ‘hot spots’ in your buildings.

A number of insurers now request businesses to provide an ‘electrical thermal imaging survey’ as part of the company insurance application or as part of your annual insurance renewal procedure.

This service can be used to survey different types of equipment such as:

  • Batteries
  • Control panels
  • High voltage systems
  • Transformers
  • Distribution boards and fuse boards
  • Switch gears and switchboards

For more information or to book an electrical thermal imaging survey, call us now and arrange for a member of our experienced team to visit your premises.