What to look for in an electrician

What to Check Before You Employ an Electrician in Burnley

electricianAnytime you have an issue with anything electrical you should always get a certified electrician to take a look and resolve it as it is often illegal to make repairs yourself unless you are qualified. So what should you check and look out for before you employ the services of an electrician?

They must hold the correct qualifications – this must be industry recognised and be fully qualified. These must also be kept up to date as the regulations regarding electrical safety can change from time to time, a professional electrician should be proud to show these to you.

The electrician must be registered to work as an electrician. If they are not you will not be covered for any work that they do. You can also run the risk of having someone who is not suitable for the task working on your home or business and this could have catastrophic consequences.

Ask them for references, and if possible maybe even check to ensure that other people are happy with the quality of their work. When they arrive at your home they should have all of the necessary tools and equipment that is needed to complete the task, a professional company will usually look the part and you should get a good feeling from them.

Never every should you feel embarrassed about asking about an electrician before you employ them, and all good electrician’s will be more than happy to answer any of your questions, after all you will probably be the next one giving them a reference or referral work.