Free low energy lighting survey

Choosing the correct low energy lighting solution and provider

Are your energy bills running too high?

You shouldn’t have to be switching off lights and keeping some members of your family or office in darkness. Simply get the most appropriate low energy lighting solution for your home or office. At Avon Electrical we have solutions available and can provide an extensive survey of your lighting needs, complete installation of the most suitable lighting and ongoing maintenance contracts.

Who is our service designed for?

We have great packages tailored to fit each individual’s needs. From your home, office or industrial lighting requirements, a solution is always at hand. This is an ideal solution for those who have suffered endlessly from high power consumption lighting by ensuring there are low cost and consumption options available. The service is also available for those who wish to upgrade their existing lighting installation and upgrade to something more modern.

Accessing the services

It is almost impossible to ascertain the extent of the electrical services you require. It is for this reason; we provide a free low energy lighting survey, this is used to accurately determine the lighting needs in your premise. The findings from the survey are then used to offer advice and guidance on the most viable lighting option.

Who undertakes the surveys?

Before advising on the best option, it is important to be certain that your lighting needs are identified. A low energy lighting survey is undertaken by a member of our team of professional technicians, our team are knowledgeable and experienced and are always training to keep up with the different types of lighting systems available.

Technicians’ qualifications are of much importance while carrying out low energy lighting surveys. It is for this reason that the technician is required to have the necessary academic qualifications as an electrician and registered with relevant authorities. This is an assurance that the services available are worthwhile and satisfactory.

Why low energy lighting solutions?

The main reason we offer a free low energy lighting survey is to enable us to find a perfect low energy solution for your home or business, we are extremeley confident in our services and solutions and we believe the vast majority of people taking advantage of our surveys WILL save money by using an Avon Electrical low energy lighting system. Low energy lighting is great for business or home owners where the electricity bills are extremely high. With LED lights, the lighting consumption is reduced by high margins and in such a way reduces the overall cost of lighting your premises.

If you own a property of a certain age whether it be a home or business premises, there comes a time when you need to upgrade the building and change and embrace the trending styles. LED lights are the in-thing, and are available in a variety of designs and often allow the ability to produce different light colors and patterns, they provide the cheapest and easily available option.

Maybe your building is new and if so you do not need to use old and traditional lighting models. Some traditional models may be more appealing, as the initial cost of installing the LED lighting systems may seem a little high, but the cost of consumption is much lower and in the long run makes the cost of running your premise more effectively.

Who offers the best services?

While it may be apparent that you need to change to low energy lighting, picking the right company for the job is one of the most important considerations. Today, there are many businesses that offer the service; therefore, you need to know what to look for in an ideal company.

Look for an experienced company where possible as the advice available can go a long way. There should be adequate and verifiable information regarding the existing registration status of the chosen company. Using a registered company for the job provides a platform where you can seek reprieve if the chosen company fails to deliver as per the agreement.

Ensure you contract a company that is fully insured. The insurance coverage should extend to your property, the company employees and the residents within the premises. This is essential to ensure any accident, injury or damage is adequately catered for without incurring losses.


Over the years, there have been many technological advancements that have led to the development of new and effective products. Low energy lighting products is one of these advancements created to offer the best in life. The lights are created to offer users with the best lighting, as well as, ensure this is at an affordable cost and they are much more environmentally friendly. However, it is important to choose a reliable electrician with expertise and experience to survey, advise and install your lighting solution.