Outside light installation ideas

Outside light installation for a variety of uses

For around 5 months of the year in the UK it is dark when we go to work and dark when we come home, this alone is a valid reason for outside light installation on your home but add to this the security element provided by outside lights and they really do become an almost essential item.

outside light installationOutside lights come in all forms and you should start by thinking about why you need outdoor lighting . Is it for an entertainment space for you and your family or maybe so you can invite guests around, or is it simply for security on your home, are you looking for outside light installation to deter unwanted visitors or maybe its simply to make a dark path safer to walk on at night?

You should also think about your budget, if the area you are looking to light is large then it may be a better option to invest in some accent lighting which can create an inviting feel with a good look, but if its safety you’re focusing on, then flood lighting maybe a better choice instead of investing in lots of individual lights.
When installing outside lights you should also consider your neighbours. Security and safety lighting provide peace of mind at home, but if your lighting is too to your neighbours homes you could create a problem so always consider the position of your lights carefully.

Carefully plan the position of your new light switches because outdoor switches need to be sheltered from the rain and bad weather. Below are just a handful of tips as there are a number of things you should consider before attempting outside wiring.

  • Always look for weatherproof switches and outlets.
  • Plan properly for underground installation from the property.
  • Attach your lighting fixtures to buried cable.
  • Make sure you plan proper grounding of any outdoor fixtures.
  • Maybe consider installing timer switches to your outdoor lighting.

outside security light installationOf course electrics and electrical installation can be very dangerous and in some cases illegal if you do not have the correct qualifications so if electrical work is not something you are familiar with you should speak to a professional company.

If it is security you are looking for then you should also consider professional alarm installation.

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